Sunday, 25 March 2012

Sunny Weather

What beautiful weather we are having.  How lovely to see all the spring flowers and to feel the sun on my face but what I haven't been doing is any work!

Brief run through for my own sake!  I have started writing up my research on the Nancy Pawsey's dress and have realised that I haven't been as thorough as I should have been in examining and writing up my study information.  I suppose that is how one learns.  I have missed some really obvious things.  Why did I count the stitching on the 18th century bodice but not the 1840s bodice or even 1880s dress?   Arghh!  I despair at my self.

Whilst at the Museum of London, Hilary Davidson, who incidentally, is speaking at York University, CECS study day entitled, Desiring Fashion:  The Consumption and Dissemination of Dress 1750-1850 this 23rd June, gave me a paper written by Jules David Prown to read  It was published quite some time ago,  1982,  but it has been very helpful in re-enforcing my methodological practise.  The title of the paper is 'Mind in Matter:  An Introduction to Material Culture Theory and Method' and is published in Winterthur Portfolio, Vol.17.

From reading this, I have realised that I am probably too biased in the examination of my garments.  I take the garment out of the box with the anticipation and knowledge that it has been re-fashioned or altered.   Therefore with a sense of urgency, I am expecting and wanting to see what I hope to be there.   In my case,  a major altering or customisation of the original garment.

 The bibliography was most informative and I have highlighted various books to read.  First on my list is a classic, Flugel, The Psychology of Clothes (1930).

I participated in a work shop on memory with Dr Jen Brockmeir which was fascinating and I need to read more on this subject.  I might even join the 'Memory' reading group that another student is planning to set up.  Dr Linda Sandino has given us all a reading list.

Lovely section of cotton lace from the petticoat of Nancy's the 1880s dress 
Last Thursday, I thought that I would learn how to adapt the print from Nancy Pawsey's dress.  My intention is to design a contemporary dress and adapt the print from her silk into my own textile design.  A sort of 18th century silk modification.    I thought I would have a go in Illustrator.  Well, I spent three hours trying to teach myself using the book 'Digital Textile Design' by Melanie Bowles.    I only got through half of the first tutorial.  It just kept going wrong.  My ineptitude with technology drives me insane.   I am such a dummy around computer programmes.  It's so frustrating!

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  1. I'm with you there on Illustrator Matty. I tried to use it on my last project 'Street Haunting' and gave up. It just doesn't seem logical, to my mind. Illustrator is not easy - even my graphic design tutor agrees with this. So don't beat yourself up. Have a lovely Easter. Catch you soon. Tx

    p.s did your friend like the book, btw?