Wednesday, 6 April 2011

The Scarf Project and Multiple Authors & Previous Owners

This Saturday,  I spent the day at a co-design workshop run by my mate and fellow PhD student, Jennifer Ballie.  'The Scarf Project' as it is called in facilited by Jen and a group of us sat together designing and chatting. The idea is to design and then create our own silk scarves.   I am particularly fond of collage so out of various photos I cut, stuck and made what in my mind's eye was a kind of petal.  I knew that I wanted to upload it on to Photoshop and duplicate my petal to create a big cirucular flower which would be the central design on my silk scarf.

At around about lunch time, my dear, sweet, 14 year old son joined us.  He's very creative and he was my Photoshop expert for the day.  As the design morphed, I decided to change my intention and the petals became wings which we distorted and re-sized.  On the computer the design looked really good and went with the general theme of the workshop as it was entitled 'fashoin personfied' (well, I think that was it) and my initial design was a series up figuers layered on top of each other.

I am absolutely thrilled with my scarf design and will definetly have it made up into my own personalised silk scarf.  What's more it has given me even more confidence in my ability to design fabric for my own creations.  Now that I have met Kenny Taylor (the digital print guy) at Chelsea I feel that I am away.

Magnified detail of the Edwardian Embellishment

So tonight's the night.  'Multiple Authors & Previous Owners' is the name of the exhibition to which some photos of my research work is being exhibited.  Yes, us PhD students at CCW has a an exhbition up and running in the Triangle Space.  Initially, I didn't think I would exhibit for the reason that I am not a 'fine art' student so I didn't feel that I should.  However, once I was informed by Charlotte Webb, who deserves a massive amount of credit for organising the exhbitbtion, that it was to be on archives, well I just had to put something in.  For the last 3 years I have been working in an archive not to mention the numerous collections that I have visited (last year I saw one of Charles I's shirts literately stuffed in the drawer in the attic of a famous stately home!  The lace on it was beautiful. ).  Knowing that I have load of research photos stored on my trusty hard drive, I decided to exhibit.

What should I choose?  Well, of course Worthing Museum springs to mind and the gorgeous 1930s dress created from the skirt of the Ewardian bodice and skirt ensemble.   So on display are four large photos.  It's work in progress and part of my research.  It's funny to think that this beautiful gown was once worn out over a century ago.  In the 1930s it was on display again but this a dress and now over eighty years letter it having another outing but here at Chelsea in an exhibition - that is a sustainable clothing.